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Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Samaritan Healthcare Foundation 801 E. Wheeler Road Moses Lake, WA 98837 Samaritan the SUMMER 2019 Regain your freedom to move again. Introducing Samaritan Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Do you have pain in your knee, shoulder, hip, or other areas? When your
job gives you pain—whether you’re a farmer, a parent, an athlete, or even sit at a desk all day in an uncomfortable chair—it becomes increasingly hard to do your job, manage daily tasks, or enjoy your family, friends, or activities. You deserve state-of-the-art orthopedic care, close to home. Our talented orthopaedics and sports medicine team can help! Meet our team. Dr. Leo Chough, orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Brett DeGooyer, sports medicine physician, and Chris Stone, certified physician’s assistant, provide care on our full time, orthopaedics and sports medicine care team. Dr. Chough and Dr. DeGooyer are both fellowship trained in sports medicine, which increases the skills they bring as highly trained orthopaedic physicians. Dr. Chough, Dr. DeGooyer, and Stone help area residents return to their active, everyday lives through state-of-the-art orthopaedic surgery, non-surgical sports medicine treatments, and orthopaedic clinic services. Sports medicine. You don’t need to be an “athlete” to benefit from sports medicine treatment with Dr. Brett DeGooyer. Whether an injury or medical issue occurs in the workplace or at home, or during sports or recreation, sports medicine can help patients of all ages. Sports medicine provides physical conditioning, diagnoses, and treatment of injuries with solutions for pain in non-surgical methods. Orthopaedic surgical expertise. Dr. Leo Chough, our on-staff orthopaedic surgeon can help with surgical needs. Dr. Chough is highly skilled in arthroscopy (small incision surgery), joint replacement surgery—anterior hip replacement, knee replacement, and reverse and regular shoulder replacements, and more. His expertise and experience utilize muscle-sparing surgical techniques—leading 
to more rapid recoveries for patients. Clinic care and treatments . Chris Stone, orthopaedic physician’s assistant, is highly qualified and possesses the skill and ability to care for patients in the clinic for conditions such as hip or knee pain, sprains, fractures, dislocations, and joint injections. He also assists in surgery and provides pre- and post-surgical care. It’s all right here. Orthopaedic surgery and treatments and sports medicine are all available right here in Moses Lake, where you can be close to your family, close to home, close to healing. Dr. Chough, Dr. DeGooyer, and Chris Stone’s team approach also makes it easier to schedule an orthopaedic appointment and increases the level of care provided to their patients. If you are ready to enjoy life without joint pain and want to schedule an appointment, contact Samaritan Healthcare at (509) 793-9789 or visit: Duluth, MN 55811 Permit #1003 Dr. Brett DeGooyer Dr. Leo Chough Chris Stone, PA-C