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All of us,

for eachof you,

every time.



All of us,

for eachof you,

every time.


Nonprofit Org.

U.S. Postage


Platteville, WI

Permit No. 7

Samaritan Healthcare


801 E. Wheeler Road

Moses Lake, WA




To baby Emmanuel,

the first baby of

2017. See page 2



Virginia Trujillo says

think physical therapy

first. See page 6


y the time this issue of

The Samaritan

reaches your home, we may be nearing the

launch of our newest service line—Flex Care.

Flex Care is an addition to Samaritan

Healthcare’s emergency department (ED) and aims

to improve wait times, enhance safety and provide

excellent care to our patients and families.

Improved wait times.

In EDs, patients with less

emergent medical issues may wait in line while life-

threatening cases take precedence.This increased wait

time can leave other patients feeling frustrated.

With the opening of Samaritan’s Flex Care sys-

tem, patients who visit the ED with minor issues

such as ear infections, sore throats or low-grade

fevers will be seen in a timely manner by one of our

skilled mid-level providers.This process will be facili-

tated through a remodel of the current ED admitting

area and consultation room.The remodel will create

three Flex Care rooms that utilize chairs instead of

beds and are much smaller than current ED exam

rooms. Patients needing less emergent care can avoid

long wait times and have a more positive experience.

Enhanced safety.

Today quality and safety are at

the forefront of every health care discussion, and they

are the primary focus of the design of the treatment

rooms within the main part of the ED.

Samaritan must be prepared to treat every patient

that comes through our doors. With the upgrades in

safety to the patient care rooms, we have the ability

to safely monitor and care for behavioral and mental

health patients.These rooms are clinically designed to

offer high-quality care while maintaining safety.

Excellent care.

Our job as your community

hospital is to provide the best possible care to pa-

tients. In the past, EDs were designed to handle

specific illnesses or injuries in specific rooms. Our

ED was no different; however, the needs of patients

have changed. To overcome long wait times, we must

adapt to a system that allows us to provide excellent

patient care in a more efficient manner.

This project focuses on creating generic rooms that

give our staff the flexibility to treat any injury or ill-

ness. Care will be administered through the use of a

case cart system. Carts containing the proper supplies

specific to an injury or illness type can be trans-

ported to where the services are needed.This system

increases efficiency and ensures a higher standard of

safety and quality.

Get the care you

need fast with

Questions about Flex Care?

See the back page for answers!